The Cold Bottle
The Cold Bottle

The Cold Bottle

NEW Insulated Water Bottle, FREE Paracord Handle, Designed for customization, you make your Cold Bottle as unique as YOU!  

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The Cold Bottle - Proud Member 1% For The Planet

Do you need to drink more water?  Silly question, right?  We are a small family owned business. This is one clean looking bottle. It was designed with a modern touch, ready for you to customize with YOUR decals or stickers. The possibilities are endless. This bottle is of the highest quality. We tested dozens of bottles before choosing this one to put our name on. We filled the best of the best with ice water, and took them on a boat in Mexico fishing all day long in 90+ degree temperatures and what felt like 90+% humidity. The Cold Bottle stood on top, keeping the ice the longest. One test with the 32 oz bottle, the ice lasted 2 full days on the water! Not all double walled stainless steel water bottles are the same. Try putting ice in a skinny mouth bottle! We didn’t find one on the market that could stand up to The Cold Bottle, this is the BEST. Here are just a few ways we have used our bottles: - Fishing Bottle - Take it with you to stay hydrated on the boat - Cycling Bottle - Use as a back up bottle to keep your water or sports drink cold, refill your primary bottle with cold liquid - Golfing Bottle - The Paracord Handle clips to the cart or push cart so it doesn’t bounce all over the place - Boating Bottle - The Paracord Handle clips to the boat to keep from bouncing around on the water - Travel Bottle - I keep mine clipped to my briefcase with the Paracord Handle or in my backpack, fill it after I go through security, save on that $8 bottle of water each time I fly. - Sports Bottle - My kids use them at soccer and other sporting practices and games. Since they customized them, there is no mistaking it for someone else bottle. - Road Trip Bottle - We took several of them on a family road trip, and filled them up with filtered water in the hotel gym, saving tons of money on bottled water and reducing all that waste - Wine storage 32 Oz - Fits one bottle of wine, keep your wine from getting hot while outside, at picnics, or tailgating, no risk of the bottle breaking - Limitless Possibilities!

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